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Rules & Constitution

Revised May 2012

1.  The club shall be called the 'Ashby photographic Group.
2. The aims of the club shall be to promote an interest in amateur photography, to facilitate  opportunities for members to advance their skills and interests in photography by mutual aid and in competition with others.
3.  The meeting place shall be: The Priory Hotel, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 2AB.
a)  Meetings will be held each Monday, commencing 7.30 for 8:00pm, unless otherwise stated in the programme.
4. The club will operate a pre-planned program, which will be displayed on the  club’s website: www.ashbypg.com
5. The club will elect an executive consisting of:
   Programme Secretary
   Competition Secretary

a) A further 3 (three) committee members may be elected to assist the executive officers with the day to day running of the club.
b) A minimum of 3 (three) members will constitute a quorum.

6.  The club will hold an Annual General Meeting on the 1st Monday of February each year, starting at 7:30pm.   The purpose of the AGM will be to receive the annual reports for the previous year, and elect the executive officers for the current year. Any other business must be advised to the Secretary, in writing, at least 14 (fourteen) days before the date of the meeting.
a)  A Special General Meeting may be called at anytime by 1/3 of or 3 of the membership, whichever is the lesser, by submitting to the Secretary, in writing, the reasons for such a meeting. The Secretary will then make arrangements for the meeting to be held within not less than 14 (fourteen) days and not more than 21 (twenty one) days from receipt of the signed request. Details of the meeting will be posted on the notice board.
b)  Committee meetings will be held once every three months if required.
c)  Any alterations to these rules may only be made at a Special General Meeting called for  that purpose, and then only by a 2:1 (two to one ) majority of the members present at  such meeting.
7. Members shall pay such annual subscriptions as shall be decided at the AGM, or a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.
a) Members not paying their annual subscription by the first meeting of March each year shall be deemed to have left the club, and will no longer be entitled to use the name or the facilities of the club (except in special circumstances as may be acceptable to the executive officers).
b) Potential new members may attend up to three meetings of the club before having to pay any subscriptions.
c) New members will pay one twelfth of the total annual subscription for each month remaining in the membership year.
d)  Once membership has been accepted and paid for, no refunds can be made.
e)  Annual subscriptions cover family membership. This includes 1 (one) member plus 1  one) of the  following: Spouse, Full Time Student of same family or family  member under the age of 18 years.
F)  A weekly attendance fee may be charged which can be varied only at an Annual or Special General  Meeting.
G)  Student membership (full time) will be 50% of full membership subscriptions.
h)   A parent or guardian must accompany persons under the age of 16 years.
8.   The club reserves the right to refuse membership to any person without giving any  reason.
a) Any member who by any means is considered to have brought the club into  disrepute, shall be called before a Special General Meeting on which agenda a  charge of ''Bringing The Club Into Disrepute' shall be recorded, and will be required to  show why he/she should not be permanently barred from the club.
b) Providing 14 (fourteen) days notice of such meeting has been given in writing to the member (in person or to his/her last known address) and stating the charge, such member will, if no reasonable excuse is received at the meeting, be bound by a decision made in their absence.
9.  The club will hold and take part in such competitions and exhibitions as the committee shall decide  each year.
A) Competition winners will hold the trophies for one year only, with the exception of the   Photographers of the year who will retain their shields/trophies.
b) Rules of competitions will be displayed on the club’s website and will be strictly adhered to.
10 All members are expected to assist in keeping the club room clean and tidy when ever they attend the club,
a)  All breakages must be reported to the Secretary or Treasurer to enable items to  be replaced.
11. Studio lights and other club property must not be removed from the premises.